Saturday, September 1, 2012

Run for the Health of It {4 Miler}

My friend, Amy, posted on facebook about a cheap race;  it was $10 before promo code with tons of swag.  In addition, there are known to be a lot of vendors on site.  I signed up without knowing I could make the race since we often go out of town over Labor Day weekend.

Since we were home, I headed out alone for this race.  I hadn't had any intentions of "racing" since I was starting to get calf pain again.

Holding back sounds fine and dandy until the race starts.  It was difficult to chat during the race since it was on a narrow bike path so in my earbuds went.  From there, I took off. (Thanks Trick Daddy)

When I got to midpoint, I couldn't get my breathing under control no matter how hard I tried.  I don't remember much of anything other than praying for the end.  

Just as usual, I didn't have any gas left in my tank to try to sprint the last stretch of the race.  I did get passed by a young teen and his dad, which made me smile.  I hope to do that with my boys one day.

The Swag

The Details

The Course:

My bib: 1732
254/441 overall
My chip time: 40:3410:09 pace
My Garmin time: 40:3410:38 pace, 3.82 miles
My splits:
1 - 11:17
2 - 10:19
3 - 10:27
4 - 10:25

All in all, great race if you are in town.  Race funds benefit The Central Ohio Primary Care Physicians Foundation (COPCPF) which support local charities.  Read more here.  

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  1. I love that you still remember enough about the race to write up the report months later. Great job on the race!


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