Thursday, July 26, 2012

Scioto Miles - 4.22.12 {15K}

Part 2 of the Scioto Miles series.  3 loops.  Ugh.  Part 1 went OK, but I wasn't looking forward to that 3rd loop.  

It started off weird.  I didn't bring my ipod, thinking I would be chatting it up with my friend, CJ.  She.was.late.  Fortunately, she was smart enough to wait at a point where she could jump in for the 2nd loop.  {thank god}

I was still recovering from my calf injury, so I did what any respectable runner with a race coming up.  Popped 3 advil, threw on compression gear, sucked it up.  

Seriously, may be the worst photo ever.  Sorry people, this sexy beast is taken.
Race went as expected.  I didn't race, just ran....paced myself around 12 minutes. I'm 2 weeks out from a half marathon with an injury, I just wanted to know I could run that far.  I can.  While having to pee.  No breaks, not even to hydrate. Yay!!

As I as chatting with another runner towards the end, I mentioned never having enough gas to sprint the end.  She yells "Let's go".   I took off, she did not.  #fail

The Schwag

Men's shirt, again.  I need to slow down during registration.

The Details

The Course:

My bib: 1032
My chip time: Race results were screwy, not sure where I am
My Garmin time: 1:44:30, 11:22 pace, 9.19 miles
686 /816overall
My splits:
1 - 10:32
2 - 11:16
3 - 11:18
4 - 11:35
5 - 11:28
6 - 11:41
7 - 12:10
8 - 11:39
9 - 11:07
10 -  9:47 - my attempt at a stride

Good race, nice after party, and GREAT preparation for my half!!

See ya on the run!


  1. Ok. What's your secret for beating mommy brain? I could never post a race report 3 months later and actually remember anything about the race! Nice recap and way to get it down with your injury!

    1. Well, there aren't many details. Plus, I have a "family binder" with a
      blog tab (nerd alert) where I keep some notes :)


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