Monday, June 20, 2011

Race for Ellie - 6.12.11

I signed up for this race to run with my MIT peeps.  And--since peer pressure is a bitch, I signed up for RACE CLUB.  You know, I've been running 6 months, so now I think I can "run with the big dogs".  Ok, maybe not, but it came at a good price, with a singlet, and possibly a jacket.  Sold.

Back to the race.  The Race for Ellie is a fundraiser in partnership with The Ohio State University for research toward a cure for Mitochondrial Disease (mito). Ellie Kovalcik is a bright, 9-year old girl who loves her family, many friends and just being a kid. Diagnosed with mito at age two, Ellie has suffered through many medical challenges to the point where she is unable to eat, breathe, walk or talk on her own. Mitochondrial Disease has essentially affected her ability to have a normal childhood, and have a normal life expectancy. The mission is to find a cure is a race against time...a race where Ellie, and all mito sufferers, would be the real winner. 

I felt OK, I didn't have any expectations.  I was a bit anxious, but excited to meet up with some friends I haven't seen in awhile.  

Here's a Race Club group shot.  Trust me, I'm in there.  

Once again--the ages and experience of the runners were all over the place.  And just like before, everyone came out of the gate flying, included me.  I felt really good though, I wanted to see if this was the race where I would finish in under 30 minutes.  I'm not the type of runner that "leaves it all out there" for fear of fainting or puking, or both.  Anything that doesn't draw attention to myself would be nice.  I was still getting passed left and right {it sure felt that way}, but I didn't mind this time.  I was surrounded by real runners....with real experience.  Here's what I've learned, people who run don't judge you.  They are supportive, regardless of your form, body shape, or speed.  I need to learn how not to be my own worst enemy.  I'm getting there.  Speaking of, it was a big step for me to wear shorts.  I haven't wore shorts in years....hopefully it wasn't as scary as I'd imagined.  Baby steps.

About half way through the race, a fellow twin MoM caught up to me.  I knew her from CMOTC (Columbus Mothers of Twins Club).  I hadn't seen her in awhile, but I knew she ran. It was a pleasant surprise.  Although she was fairly new to running, the girl has some major speed.

We ran and chatted.  I skipped water and knew right away that I would regret it.  Seriously, did I think seconds were going to matter?  I was faster than normal and didn't want to give up any momentum.  I remember having 1/2 mile remaining and was feeling the pain.  She asked if I wanted to walk, I replied "no way--you can do anything for 5 minutes, right?"

As soon as the finish line was in sight, we picked up the pace even more.  At one point she turned to me and said something {I wish I could remember what} that pushed me to sprint.  Sprint the last of a race? I've never done that before.    

Ellie was waiting at the finish line passing out high fives.  Regretfully, I smiled and walked by.  I thought I was going to lose it.  I need to just walk, get some water, and breathe.  Within seconds I felt fine.  I went back to watch all the Lucky 13s (MIT 13 Minute Pace Group) complete their race.  

The Details

My bib: 209

My chip time: 29:47, 9:36 pace, 3.1 miles  SCORE 

My Garmin time: 29:47, 9:34, 3.11 miles

26/53 female in my age group

165/292 overall

My splits:
1 - 9:23
2 - 9:45
3 - 9:49
4 - 8:12
 {now I know why I wanted to puke}

Race Packet goodies:

Super cute tech shirt to add to my collection!  

And a NEW PR !!! 

{insert cool sign off here}

Monday, June 13, 2011

2nd Annual Shamrock Run & Walk - 5.21.11

3 weeks post half marathon and I decide I need to do something, like, now.  I didn't sign up for MIT this go around, but convinced Vicky we needed to do a race a month {at least}.  I have the need for speed {if you consider a 10 minute mile speed, if not, we may not be able to be friends}

This race was close to home for me, located in Newark, Ohio.  The weather was warm, but not too hot.  Conditions were good to be a great race.  Here's the course map:

We knew right away the race was going to be small.  Not bad, just small.  I wasn't nervous or even anxious like usual.  I wanted to be faster, but wasn't planning on killing myself.  I was just going to run and see how it went.  Plus, I had a big day planned to go to the zoo later.  If you read my family blog, you know we go to the zoo a lot.

The ages and experience of the runners were all over the place.  Everyone came out of the gate flying.  I looked over to Vicky right away and said "we're going too fast".  I was intimated.  Everyone seemed to be so fast.  I was getting passed left and right and felt so defeated.  I decided right then and there that this was my race to win.  I couldn't worry about anyone else. 

Vicky and I split up right away.  That's runner code, if you feel great...go ahead.  We'll see you at the end.  I was neck and neck with a man all of 80 years old and he was kicking my ass.  Talk about a blow to the ego.  Then the reminder "he's been running forever, you'll get there".

True to form, half mile into the race and some people starting walking, then they continued with their annoying pace of sprint-walk-sprint.  I don't know if it's annoying to anyone else, but I'd rather look at your butt one time {likewise I'm sure}.  

The course was all road, through a residential section, and mostly flat.  I kept a consistent pace and felt fine.  I remember thinking that I would love a sip of water, but they were handing out whole bottles.  Well, a girl was standing by a cooler full of water, but I was not about to wait for her to open the cooler, get a bottle, open it, hand it to me.  I could suffer.  I decided then that my fuel belt was necessary, even on shorty races.

The Details

My bib: 18

My chip time: 32:27, 10:28 pace, 3.1 miles

My Garmin time: 31:54, 10:38, 3 miles {had to re-boot}

5/6 female in my age group

17/25 female 

44/57 overall

My splits:
1 - 10:14
2 - 10:38
3 - 10:59
4 - 10:18

No photos to share, but here's the t-shirt:

Although it's not a tech shirt, I do love that it proves I'm not a couch potato {anymore}.  All in all--not bad.  

Plus, a PR to boot!!! 

{insert cool sign off here}

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Capital City Half Marathon 2011

First blog post for my new running blog.  A month after race day to boot.  Let's see how much I can remember.

Back story

I had trained 20 weeks with MIT.  My friend, Vicky, talked me into MIT.  I thought 13 miles was too much, it was going to be too cold.  I wanted to sign up for the 5K program.  There I said it, my only running goal was to be able to run 3.1 miles.  Part 2, I wanted to do it in 30 minutes {eventually}

My first run was in mid-December, 14 degrees in ice and snow.  I couldn't complete the entire 2 miles without walking.  Major blow to the ego.  I was so upset at myself, I came home the next day, ran 2 on my tread without stopping.

Race Day - May 7, 2011

I was dying of anticipation, but not nervous.  I got up, ate a bagel and banana, drank some powerade.  I had everything ready, so it was easy.  I headed downtown to meet up with MIT.  Still--not nervous, just ready to get it over with.

My husband was going to be there, that made me happy.  He was bringing my kids (3 year old twin boys), that made me nervous.  As much as I wanted them there, they can be a handful.  They hate the stroller most of the time and think that they are independent enough to make their own decisions.  Crowds make me break a sweat.  I was afraid that he would lose one, literally.  Just because we have 2 that look alike, doesn't mean that one is a spare. :)

Here are Louden & Keegan before I seen them.  Jason ordered them some special shirts as a surprise to me.  

Here's the link:  Cafe Press

I'm not sure about this photo, it's pretty strange.  I'm not fast, so I can't explain this stance.  I was trying to slow down to hug them, but without really slowing down until I got to them.  This was right at mile 8.  Jason told me where he'd be, so I was sure to take out my earbuds so I wouldn't miss him.  

Speaking of missing them, my friend Sara, was there to cheer me on at Mile 4.5.  I almost missed her because I was jamming too loud.  The funny part, I was half embarrassed that I *thought* I had just seen her and the spectators were screaming and waving at someone else.  I ducked my head and got back into my angry music.  Fortunately, a runner in front of me got my attention.  Sara was screaming and running aside, I gave her a sweaty hug and smiled from ear to ear.

Here I am at Mile 13, rounding the corner to the finish.  I felt great.  2 mile hill and I was passing people.  I remember thinking "I did this" and "I could do more" and "I wonder if Marie will want to do a full".    

Here's Marie, one of my very BFFs.  Over drinks in late December, she said "maybe I'll train with you".  I sent her my plan, she followed to a T, alone.  This girl has major balls {figuratively}.  

This is one of my favorite pictures.  It's not flattering, there is nothing special about it, but this is what happy looks like.  It was here that we started discussing our game plan for the next race. I was hooked.

Here I am with my boys.  It took me 3 tries to get to my knees.  ha!  I finally got a look at their shirts.  LOVE them and LOVE that Jason did that all on his own.  He also surprised me with a 13.1 sticker for my ride.  I had the ah-ha moment when I realized *THIS* is why he insisted bringing the boys here.  In retrospect, I'm glad he did.   

The Details

The course: shown HERE 
I have zero sense of direction, most of the time I wasn't really sure where in Columbus I was

My bib: 5874

My chip time: 2:40, 12:15 pace, 13.1 miles

My Garmin time: 2:40:26, 12:08, 13.22 miles

515/627 in my age group

2782/3502 overall

My splits:
1 - 11:59
2 - 11:41
3 - 12:02
4 - 12:22
5 - 11:56
6 - 12:34
7 - 12:36
8 - 12:41
9 - 12:07
10 - 11:48
11 - 12:12
12 - 12:03
13 - 12:07

What I learned:
2 GU Roctanes, 3 miles apart are a bit much

Overall--I couldn't be happier.  I did something that I never imagined I could.  I fulfilled a dream I didn't know I had.  who knew?  I'm a runner.  Me--the girl that took 13 minutes to run 1 mile in high school including time to sit down in the middle.  I did this and I WILL DO IT AGAIN! 

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