Monday, January 16, 2012

Columbus Half Marathan - 10.16.11

I wonder if I will ever update this blog at a point when I remember what happens on race day?  I need to embrace the concept of draft posts.

Race Day - October 16, 2011

I went into this race hesitantly confident.  I knew I could finish, but was afraid that I wouldn't meet and/or beat my last half marathon time.  You see, this go 'round I didn't train with MIT.  There were 5 of us, we could do it alone.  Well, notsomuch.  All of us have kids, therefore, unpredictable schedules.  I didn't get in any "great" LSDs and my training really slacked off toward the end.  Oh, then the heat.....oh my god, the heat.  I started running hard core on the treadmill, just so I could breathe.

I met Sara early to carpool.  I always have this sense of urgency about me and am constantly reviewing and checking things that I knew I forgot.  OCD much? We had to park several blocks away and among the sold out participants, we had to find our friend Vicky with her hubs to hold my bag.  {insert panic here} It was at that time, I misplaced my bib.  Yeah, it was on the dash, but I freaked for just a sec.

We got to the corrals and couldn't find James, Vicky's husband.  Finally, several phone calls and the realization that there are TWO Tim Horton signs on that building, we found him.  Vicky had already made her way into the corrals, we never found her.  Starting the race, I realize that I forgot to put on my fuel belt.  Herewego....no nuun, no sportbeans.  #ohshit 
I did have my ipod though. #sighsinrelief

The race went well.  No complaints! I was able to spot some people that I knew throughout the race.  I ran into Amy around mile 3, where I spilled the beans about my monthly friend because that's appropriate "hey--how ya doing" convo for a race.  

Sara's Mother in Law took specific instructions to jump out in front of me so I would see her.  She did.  She.is.awesome.  Deb's husband caught this gem at Mile 8:

I was actually in the process of waving and saying "hi" to a three year old.  I promise I won't eat your baby.  

Here are the photos I lifted from the race:

The Details
The course:
Again--I have zero sense of direction, most of the time I wasn't really sure where in Columbus I was.

My bib: 15220
My splits:

1 11:16
2 10:59
3 10:51
4 11:20
5 10:54
6  10:51
7 11:17
9 11:01
10 11:08
11 11:10
12 11:19
13 11:08
14    9:1

The Swag:

What I learned:
I didn't need my fuel belt.  The water stations and GU they distributed was enough :)  Ps...I only ate half since it was new to me Clif Shot.

Sara and I after the race.

Vicky and I after the race.

The day wasn't over for me.  I went home, picked up kids, showered, packed, and drove for five hours to Michigan for training the following morning.  About half way there, I stopped for a dozen iced sugar cookies.  I didn't eat them all.  That day anyway.

I am so happy that I went from not being able to run a mile, to running TWO HALF Marathons in 2011!!!!!  Thank you MIT and all the wonderful friends I have met.

I really, really want my next half marathon at a 10 minute pace, but I don't think I can get there this time.  I don't have the time, effort, or ability to cross train like I should.  Or maybe I'm making excuses?

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