Friday, November 4, 2011

Giant Eagle Multisport 5K - 7.31.11

I was feeling overly confident and *thought* this race started at 8:30 a.m.  Since my LSD (long slow days) weren't going so well, I decided I needed to meet up with some friends at 6:30 a.m. and run 4 miles.  Those 4 went great. I left Sara & Marie, changed, age a protein bar and fueled my belt.

I pull into the parking lot only to find out they are cash only.  Who has cash? Ever?  Not me, so I sprint to the ATM.  I see runners rounding the corner.  I think "Oh God, please tell me that's the family 2 miler or something".  Nope.   The race just started.  I sprinted to back to pay the attendant, then sprinted to the start.  Mind you, I already have 4 miles under my belt for the morning.  I get to the start....it's not there.  The timing device has already been removed.  Perfect.

I laugh and say "oh well, here I go anyway".  I paid my entry fee....I'm getting this race.  Every police officer I passed I would yell "guess who was late".   Tri-athletes were passing me about 3 minutes in.  I really didn't know what to do running beside them.  I yelled "great job" a few times....not sure what was proper.  All I know is I wanted to stay out of their way.  I could hear their footsteps and could tell they were all business.  I didn't want to catch the wrath of a shaven (yeah, I noticed) tri guy.  So I kept trucking along.....

I ended up passing 5 runners, mostly walking.  It's funny how fast you can be when you are embarrassed.  I'd much rather be around other people, I don't like to run alone.  And to be honest, I saw a homeless guy, which freaked me out a bit.

The course was difficult due to small but steep inclines.  The sun was beating in your face for the entire route as well.  How's that for a big fat whine-fest?

At the ending stretch, a female tri flew past me wearing just her swimsuit looking fit and cute as ever in her pigtails and said "great job girlie, keep going".  Me?  You're encouraging me?  Sometimes I don't hate people afterall.

I don't have any photos to share but here is the schwag: 

Unlike every other 5K, no one seemed super fast since I was ALONE.  Nonetheless, I feel good about this race.  They had a kickass afterparty and awesome snacks.  Thanks, triathletes, I'm sure those were mainly for you :)


The Details

The Course:

Note: if you wait to update your blog 3+ months later, the course map may no longer be online.

My bib: 87

My chip time: 40:02, but complete bogus since the timing device was gone when I started

My Garmin time: 32:42, 10:31 pace, 3.11 miles

86/89 overall, 46/48 female.  bogus.

My splits:
1 - 9:46
2 - 10:42
3 - 10:59
4 - 1:10

Another Super cute tech shirt to add to my collection!  

See ya on the run!
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