Monday, March 12, 2012

Holiday Run - 12.11.11 {4 Miler}

I'd been running, just no races since Breathe Deep.  And by running, I mean 2 miles at a time.  On a treadmill.  Flat.  In the comforts of controlled weather conditions.  Cheater.

I'd never run Sharon Woods before.  I hadn't run 4 miles in God knows how long.  I hadn't run in 18 degrees since *last* winter.  I'm so going to rock this race.  

It was cold, but bearable.  I carried my small hydration bottle.  I didn't have a goal, but under 44:00 would be OK with me, but I had hoped for better.  Don't you always?

Just like usual, I took off too fast, but felt OK.  It didn't take long for me and everyone to start sucking air thanks to those hills.  This is when a LOT of people started walking and I started complaining.  I'm such a pleasure to run near :)  This is also when I started to hate other runners {I hate most people most of the time}.  Note: you are NOT cool sprinting down a hill and walking up 10 seconds later.  You are annoying.  mmmkay?  Is it just me?  Why do I care?  We just spend the entire race passing each other looking at each other's butts.  You judging me for running slow, me judging you for your sporadic run/walk.  

I felt alone for a lot of the race, it didn't seem that there were a lot of runners around me during the middle.  No, I didn't complain that much :)  I remember having a mile left, high five-ing one of the attendants because he was cheering me.  I also remember than moment when I ran out of powerade, I spent the final mile trying to suck the bottom out of the bottle for that last drop.  Not.even.kidding.  One day I will learn to hydrate throughout the day, not during the run.

Regardless, it was fun.  Plus, I got a long sleeve tech shirt.  Late, since I didn't pick up my packet beforehand and they run out, but got one.  And a medal.  Really, it's all about the bling.  And bragging rights, maybe a bit more about the brags.  Hello Facebook!

Judi, Lisa, and me

The Details

The Course:

My bib: 458
My chip time: 43:09, 10:48 pace
My Garmin time: 43:12, 10:46 pace, 4.01 miles
190 /284 overall
My splits:
1 - 10:08
2 - 11:28
3 - 11:17
4 - 10:14

See ya on the run!

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