Friday, July 8, 2011

MoveMMore - 6.19.11

My BFF and new running partner, Sara, just completed the Couch to 5K running program and was ready for her first 5K.  Our other BFF, Marie, was on board too.  Even though it was Father's Day, all of our hubs were in full support.  

Sara chose this as her first due to some personal ties to Myeloma, I loved the idea that the money raised went to the James.  Unlike some bigger fundraisers, money sent to the James stays local.  If you'd like to read more about MMore, visit them here.

Here are few photos before the race.  

We got our shirts from HERE, a shop set up by the authors of a book that has inspired all three of us run, Run Like a Mother: The Book

Close up intended to show the shirts, not just a boob shot.

Here is Marie giving her girls a pep talk before the race.  Yep, she ran with them.  Yep, she's a little crazy.  Yep, I wanna do it with my 2 guys.

I love this shot of Sara finishing her first 5K.  It wasn't easy, the weather was not fun.  The terrain was challenging.  She is flanked by her husband and myself, there is no way she would finish this alone.  Marie and her trio were at the finish line chanting "go Sara go".   Who needs more motivation than that?

Here's Marie finishing.  This wins picture of the day for all I'm concerned.

Had I created this post soon after the race, I would have remembered some of the details.  I do remember some.  The race was hard.  We started in the back, then was forced to weave in and out of walkers to get up to our pace.  We started way to fast, all that green lane passing caught up to us.  I was sucking air at .61 miles and took at least another mile to feel as if I wouldn't die.  I carried powerade in a handheld, which was a lifesaver for me.  In these high temps, I need to remember to do that even on short runs. 

Overall, no complaints.  This wasn't a PR for me, nor did I ever set out for it to be one.  I'm happy with my pace and would have been happy at a slower pace and not nearly killed myself {by accident} due to bad pacing. 

The Details

The Course:

My bib: 213

My chip time: 31:43, 10:14 pace, 3.1 miles 

My Garmin time: 36:27, 10:32 , 3.46 miles
{I circled back to finish with Sara and restarted when I caught her}

13/47 female in my age group

118/151 overall

My splits:
1 - 10:10
2 - 10:37
3 - 10:00
4 - 5:39

Race Packet goodies:

Another Super cute tech shirt to add to my collection!  

Now, the reason I was glad this post wasn't done sooner.  A few weeks after the race, I was wearing my tech shirt running with my boys in their jogger in my neighborhood.  A car passed me and turned around to stop me asking me "did you run?".  I thought, is he kidding, I'm about to die and my face it beet red.  He meant, did I run for MMore.  He is a survivor that lives in my neighborhood.  Still fighting, but surviving.  He was so appreciative that we took the time to participate in this successful race.  More than $40,000 was donated to the James on behalf of MMore and I couldn't be more delighted to have contributed.  It feels good to give, feels better when it's personal.  Before he drove off, he kept saying "that made my day".  No sir, it made mine.

{someone help me with this sign off}


  1. Way to go, Jenn! It's hard to run in this weather!

  2. Way to go! And congrats to Sara too! I loved reading this report - I felt like I was right there with you guys. And, the story about your neighbor beings tears to my eyes! Awesome to know how what you did directly impacts someone else! Thanks for sharing.

    Hope to see you soon! :)

  3. Your sign-off could be something like 'See you on the run' I noticed you have that in your tagline already!

  4. Great recap! Thanks for the rock n roll pic! I get so excited at the end of races, so proud of Sara and her first race and so grateful for your support!


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