Monday, June 13, 2011

2nd Annual Shamrock Run & Walk - 5.21.11

3 weeks post half marathon and I decide I need to do something, like, now.  I didn't sign up for MIT this go around, but convinced Vicky we needed to do a race a month {at least}.  I have the need for speed {if you consider a 10 minute mile speed, if not, we may not be able to be friends}

This race was close to home for me, located in Newark, Ohio.  The weather was warm, but not too hot.  Conditions were good to be a great race.  Here's the course map:

We knew right away the race was going to be small.  Not bad, just small.  I wasn't nervous or even anxious like usual.  I wanted to be faster, but wasn't planning on killing myself.  I was just going to run and see how it went.  Plus, I had a big day planned to go to the zoo later.  If you read my family blog, you know we go to the zoo a lot.

The ages and experience of the runners were all over the place.  Everyone came out of the gate flying.  I looked over to Vicky right away and said "we're going too fast".  I was intimated.  Everyone seemed to be so fast.  I was getting passed left and right and felt so defeated.  I decided right then and there that this was my race to win.  I couldn't worry about anyone else. 

Vicky and I split up right away.  That's runner code, if you feel great...go ahead.  We'll see you at the end.  I was neck and neck with a man all of 80 years old and he was kicking my ass.  Talk about a blow to the ego.  Then the reminder "he's been running forever, you'll get there".

True to form, half mile into the race and some people starting walking, then they continued with their annoying pace of sprint-walk-sprint.  I don't know if it's annoying to anyone else, but I'd rather look at your butt one time {likewise I'm sure}.  

The course was all road, through a residential section, and mostly flat.  I kept a consistent pace and felt fine.  I remember thinking that I would love a sip of water, but they were handing out whole bottles.  Well, a girl was standing by a cooler full of water, but I was not about to wait for her to open the cooler, get a bottle, open it, hand it to me.  I could suffer.  I decided then that my fuel belt was necessary, even on shorty races.

The Details

My bib: 18

My chip time: 32:27, 10:28 pace, 3.1 miles

My Garmin time: 31:54, 10:38, 3 miles {had to re-boot}

5/6 female in my age group

17/25 female 

44/57 overall

My splits:
1 - 10:14
2 - 10:38
3 - 10:59
4 - 10:18

No photos to share, but here's the t-shirt:

Although it's not a tech shirt, I do love that it proves I'm not a couch potato {anymore}.  All in all--not bad.  

Plus, a PR to boot!!! 

{insert cool sign off here}


  1. Way to go, Jenn! Did you beat this PR at Ellie?

  2. I LOVE black race shirts! That is an awesome shirt. :)

    I am so impressed with the [speedy] runner you have become! You are such an inspiration to me - AND I am so glad you are in race club so we can still see each other over the summer! I hope Vicky can make it out for a 5K or two too!


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